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The Disciples of Ursula

Who are we?
We're a little big band of 14 musicians ranging in age from 20 to 34. We come from all over, but are united in our love of jazz, swing, rock, and any kind of music that gets your blood pumping!

We have a repertoire composed of a few classic big band tunes, some new swing, some jazz, blues, and rock, and of course some of our own compositions, which range from a dixieland sound to driving R&B.

Where did it all begin...

Although the Disciples didn't come together as a band officially until the fall of 1998, the journey started well before then. First let it be said that the Disciples are, first and foremost, a friendship among a few nuts who share a passion: music. Most of the musicians in the band have known each other and played together since they were teenagers, when they first tasted stardom at St. Maxim High...

Now, with a few additions to the lineup along the way, these musicians make up the Disciples of Ursula, together for almost four years and still going strong!